Environmental Optimization of IRrigAtion Management with the Combined uSe and Integration of High PrecisIon Satellite Data, Advanced Modeling, Process Control and Business Innovation

ENORASIS offers an irrigation management Decision Support System (ENORASIS Service Platform and Components) for environmentally optimised and thus sustainable irrigation management for farmers and water management organizations.

ENORASIS is a server based system that gathers data from satellite observations and remote sensing field equipment and exploits meteorological forecasting models to provide high spatial accuracy estimations for irrigation water needs, by taking into account information on specific crops and other factors affecting the irrigation process. These estimations are transformed in optimal irrigation rules (using FAO56 model) that are communicated to ENORASIS end users(farmers) via web or mobile.

The main stakeholders of the ENORASIS solution are farmers and water management companies.

For farmers:

ENORASIS aims to provide optimal, personalized irrigation scheduling (when and how much to irrigate), real-time and high spatial accuracy weather predictiοn and interactive consultation on sustainable agriculture practices.

For water management organizations:

ENORASIS will provide information on actual and predicted water use for irrigation, thus: a) facilitating the application different pricing policies and b) supporting billing procedures

This project has been funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme for Research in Environment.