After 20+ years as a dynamic and innovative environmental ICT solution provider, DRAXIS is adapting to the new era, dominated by Machine learning, AI, and other core technologies focusing on domains like Circular Economy, Climate Change Resilience, Air pollution, Energy efficiency, Data Governance, Data Management, and Data Analytics.

Empowering Environmental R&D

research ventures

Empowering Environmental R&D

The new entity, Draxis Research Ventures is a non-profit organization fostering the highest level of research and development activities. Having acquired the experience of the successful implementation of more than 50 FP7, H2020 and HE projects we are committed to the new endeavor. At the same time, we are closely involved in the strategic decisions of exploiting new business opportunities, new markets, strategic investors, and VC’s.

“Our vision is to become the standard and constant source of new and innovative ideas as well as pioneering teams of people, in environmental scientific solutions.”

ideas and products

Develops ideas and products on the key scientific domains which are Air Pollution Forecast and monitoring, Circular economy, Climate Services, GeoInformatics and EO.

Digital Transformation

Assists the Digital Transformation of governmental services in Greece and Abroad by utilizing European funds and out-of-the-box thinking in tackling G2C and G2B services.

strategic consultation

Provides strategic consultation services in the Circular Economy, Climate Services and ESG domains by utilizing the knowledge acquired in the framework of the projects implemented as well as the new opportunities in the post-covid era.

ιnnovation management (R&D)

Provides innovation management (R&D) services to other companies and organizations by assisting them in the proposal writing, the idea formulation and the partners finding as well as aiding with the implementation team.

Product Exploitation

Organizes the Scientific Knowledge/Product Exploitation by enhancing the teams with necessary personnel, networking and strategic investors and in combination with capital raising organizations, help them identify opportunities.

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