Urban clusters impact on regional Air pollution and climate and generic visualisation software for satellite data applications.

AeroVis Project aimed at the development of a generic, extendable visualization software for map-based visualization of long time series of air pollution and climatic data, which enables a better understanding of the urban sources of air pollution and of the effects of anthropogenic aerosols on the climate. Moreover the project determines the needs of the research community and organisations (e.g. ESA) regarding data visualization and the interface between the actual data (as made available by the satellite data provider) and the visualization software.

The main themes of the AeroVis Project were

  • the development and implementation of a generic satellite data visualization software for visualization of air pollution and climatic data.
  • the implementation of a study of air pollution and climate over China using long timeseries of satellite observations, with emphasis on the impact of rapidly expanding urban centers on regional air quality and climate, a political and economic theme of huge importance for China.

This project has received funding from the General Secretariat of Research and Development