At DRAXIS, we believe that the central role in a company’s value creation process is given to its people. That’s where our main strategy focuses on. Investing in human resources is a rather long process and demands patience, time and willingness, in order to create a high-functioning team. It is of the utmost importance for our team members to serve the same purpose and share the same vision.

Working Environment

We believe that the key to a company’s success is the inspiring, innovative and fun workplace. Our offices are colorful and vivid, full of positive vibes, while a big part of them was designed and decorated together with DRAXIS team

At DRAXIS we empower our members to take their own initiatives and we try to maintain a flexible and friendly working environment that inspires confidence. A number of team building activities and trips take place every year, which focus on improving the teamwork, developing trust, enhancing problem solving skills and of course having fun!


We invest in monitoring our team’s performance and satisfaction, the correlation between our members’ skills and the position they hold, their achievements and contribution to the team and the company. Using the systematic training model, needs at all three levels (individual, group, organizational) are identified and consequently lead to an appropriate plan. A sound rewarding system that is reflected in both tangible and intangible rewards is applied, while all members are encouraged to participate in a wide range of seminars, boot camps, courses and take MSc degrees.


These are two very important concepts for us and they apply to all the members of our team. We feel responsible not only towards to our partners and customers, but also towards our society and our planet. Our overall performance and operation, as well as the solutions we develop, demonstrate the importance of minimizing environmental impacts and protecting the environment. Providing high quality services is one way for us. We pay attention to the quality and excellence of our work and apply certain procedures and methodologies in order to maintain them. DRAXIS’s high level of services and environmental performance are certified by ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001: 2004 (Environmental Management Systems).


The common culture, goals, vision, mission and ethics instilled in DRAXIS’ team members, along with training and development opportunities are all imprinted in our company’s performance. Our team’s overall attitude towards company values and philosophy is of ultimate importance.


For us, environmental technology goes hand in hand with corporate development and research. Having an experienced diverse pool of professionals we invest a great deal of effort in our own research, so as to keep up with the latest scientific advances. This, coupled with our active involvement in European and National research projects, enables us to provide top quality services and high technological standards.

Respect our partners

For us, the foundation of success lies in the development of healthy and long-term partnerships. Dedicated to our core values, we treat our customers and partners with respect and ethics. This can easily be confirmed by the longstanding and strong relationships we have built since the first year of our operation.


As our company grows, we’re looking for creative people excited about innovation and passionate about applying new technologies. If this sounds like you, let’s talk!


If you are looking for a new challenge rather than a new job and want to join a fast-moving team and a friendly business environment, then follow the link below, keep reading and apply to join us!