In order to give the finest solutions to our clients, our development team is continually investigating and experimenting with new tools and methodologies. These technologies enable us to create effective and efficient products that can satisfy the expectations of a market that is continuously changing. We are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation in the tech sector and are constantly searching for methods to strengthen and improve our development process.

Main areas we work on:

In order to assist our clients in retrieving significant insights from their data, we have a plethora of experience working with IoT devices and developing intricate visualizations. Our team of talented developers can create custom systems that can manage enormous volumes of data and offer simple, interactive visuals to aid in decision-making for our clients or their clients. We have the skills to make your vision a reality, whether you need real-time monitoring and control of your IoT devices or desire an interesting and/or educational data visualization.

Earth Observation and Remote Sensing
We are working with earth observation and remote sensing data to create innovative environmental or agricultural solutions. Using a variety of technologies and frameworks, we have developed services and custom web-based and mobile applications, that analyze and display data from satellite and other remote sensing platforms. We put a lot of emphasis on research and development initiatives, and we excel at utilizing our knowledge to assist our clients in deriving important insights from earth observation data.

Machine learning and AI
DRAXIS has a demonstrated track record of success in R&D projects, leveraging our knowledge to create cutting-edge solutions that promote advancement across a variety of industries. Our team has experience building unique machine learning and AI solutions utilizing a wide range of tools and frameworks, from predictive models that forecast outcomes to chatbots that can communicate with people.

The tools we are using:

DRAXIS specializes in web development and powers its projects with a variety of backend solutions. To create dependable and scalable apps, we use Python with Django and PHP with the Laravel framework. Our staff is also skilled at developing GIS applications using GeoServer. In terms of databases, we are proficient in using a variety of options including PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and Elasticsearch to store and manage data.

To design visually appealing and user-friendly web-based apps, we use the greatest frontend tools. We employ Vue.js 3, Nuxt 3, and Vuetify.js to create responsive and interactive user interfaces for our projects. To provide an uniform and expert look and feel, we use Figma to design and include Tailwind and SCSS into our workflow. These tools, combined with our team’s expertise, allow us to deliver high quality products that meet our clients expectations.