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Waste Registry Management (WRM)

Waste Registry Management (WRM)

A Transformational Success Story in Waste Management Through Digital Innovation

DRAXIS is on a quest to create a more sustainable future by utilizing cutting-edge environmental ICT solutions. Our most recent success story with the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy demonstrates how our unique e-governance technology transformed waste management processes, creating a lasting influence on the environment, government, and citizens alike.

What is WRM (HMA in Greek)

Consider a waste management system that seamlessly integrates citizens, businesses, and the government to collaborate toward a greener future. WRM is a cutting-edge e-governance tool for Waste Management which includes the digitization of reporting of all obliged entities (Businesses and Organizations) and at the same time supports the registration of their activities (Facilities and Collection-Transport activities) in combination with the declaration of the waste managed and the permits documenting it.


The problem WRM solved

Prior to WRM, waste management reporting was either not done or it was usually a time-consuming effort for all stakeholders. The government could not monitor transportation of hazardous waste or track illegal dumps. The inspections by the state services were time consuming and very hard to uncover all parties involved in illegal action around disposing waste. To solve these difficulties and advance sustainable waste management practices, the Ministry and SEPAN coordinated with DRAXIS to create a game-changing solution offering many benefits to all stakeholders: 

  • Environment and Energy Ministry: With the adoption of digitization, the Ministry saw increased efficiency and accuracy in waste management data processing. They were able to make educated decisions and build evidence-based policies for a greener future thanks to real-time insights and data visualization.
  • Businesses and Organizations: The application streamlined waste reporting, making it simple for businesses and citizens to meet their regulatory duties. It encouraged active participation in sustainable waste management techniques by creating transparency and responsibility. 

In 2023 alone, an incredible 22,817 total waste reports were submitted and successfully processed through the application’s workflow. The application has processed an incredible total of 161,191 reports since 2015. These figures demonstrate the substantial influence the application has had on waste management methods, as well as our dedication to ensuring a sustainable future.

DRAXIS: Your Environmental Innovation Partner

DRAXIS is happy to have played a vital role in this transformational success story as a pioneer in environmental engineering and digital transformation. We were able to design an intuitive and efficient e-governance tool by combining our expertise with cutting-edge technologies. We are pushing change and crafting a sustainable future for future generations by working together.

Join Us on Our Adventure

DRAXIS is dedicated to increasing environmental impact through innovation. Join us on our journey to a greener, more sustainable world. Let us work together to create a future in which technology, sustainability, and growth co-exist.