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Environmental Permit Registry (HPM)

Environmental Permit Registry (HPM)

A European R&D Project that managed to deliver efficient permit management, setting new standards for transparency and accessibility in environmental administration.

R&D on Environmental Permits 

In 2012, DRAXIS set out on a journey with the eEnviper project, an innovative research and development project that aimed to digitize and revolutionize the management of environmental permits across Europe. The project addressed thirteen key use cases and procedures through research and cooperation providing the artwork for an integrated web-based platform that would expedite the application, administration, and consultation of environmental permits in five European countries.

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From a research project to a complete DIGI-product

The success of the eEnviper project, caught the attention of the Ministry of Environment & Energy in Greece, which resulted to a pivotal partnership with DRAXIS. Recognizing the platform’s potential to revolutionize national environmental governance, DRAXIS tailored the solution for broader implementation, resulting in the birth of HPM (Environmental Permit Registry). Since its inception, HPM has played a key role in the digitization of the environmental permit management procedures and has raised the bar for accessibility and transparency in environmental administration.

DRAXIS continues to drive innovation and sustainability forward with a commitment to enhancing the product and is about to release an improved version of HPM, with modernized workflows and an enhanced user experience.

We are taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the R&D initiatives offered through the Horizon Europe program and the collaborations/synergies they offer in order to develop and test high-risk ideas before bringing them to the market. By following this approach, we can push the limits of environmental technology and provide solutions that will help create a greener and more sustainable future.


DRAXIS: Your Environmental Innovation Partner

DRAXIS is happy to have played a vital role in this transformational success story as a pioneer in environmental engineering and digital transformation. We were able to design an intuitive and efficient e-governance tool by combining our expertise with cutting-edge technologies. We are pushing change and crafting a sustainable future for future generations by working together.

Join Us on Our Adventure

DRAXIS is dedicated to increasing environmental impact through innovation. Join us on our journey to a greener, more sustainable world. Let us work together to create a future in which technology, sustainability, and growth co-exist.