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A New Company Emerges

A New Company Emerges

From Research to Revolution: DRAXIS’ Agricultural Innovation Journey with ENORASIS and AgroApps

The First step of the journey

With the FP7-funded ENORASIS project, DRAXIS started a revolutionary journey in 2012 that revolutionized agricultural methods through cutting-edge technology. By harnessing the power of remote sensing imagery, sensors and meteorological forecasting models, DRAXIS delivered the ENORASIS system that offered farmers precise estimates of the amount of water needed for irrigation.

ENORASIS Success: Pioneering Farm Management Innovation Leading to AgroApps’ Rise

The success of ENORASIS grew beyond the limits of the R&D project, as the team continued on improving and enhancing the system based on input from numerous pilot uses performed in various other R&D projects. Through an iterative approach, DRAXIS transformed the original concept into a robust farm management product that meets the needs of the agricultural sector.
This discovery journey led to the creation of a spin-out company called AgroApps, dedicated to the digitization of the agricultural sector. The AgroApps signature application is CropApp, a leading solution in Greece, empowering farmers with data-driven insights aiming to enhance their productivity while lowering their costs. AgroApps is recognized among the top companies driving the agricultural digitization in the country.

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Harnessing Horizon Europe

DRAXIS continues to leverage opportunities offered by the Horizon Europe program to excel in scientific and technological innovation. Through R&D initiatives similar to ENORASIS, DRAXIS explores high-risk ideas and tests them in large scale pilot while capitalizing on the synergies offered by such collaborative research efforts.

Join Us on Our Adventure

DRAXIS is dedicated to increasing environmental impact through innovation. Join us on our journey to a greener, more sustainable world. Let us work together to create a future in which technology, sustainability, and growth co-exist.