Going beyond mere ICT, we innovate by integrating technologies to develop custom-built software solutions in response to specific requirements and needs. “Co-creation” is one of our favorite words, since our approach regards users as key-actors in our software production process.

Environmental Decision Support Systems
Web & Mobile Applications
Environmental Simulation Models
Crowdsourcing Platforms

Indicatively, we specialize in developing:

  • Environmental decision support systems and web applications combining information from many sources and workflows and providing information and emergency alerting
  • Environmental simulation models (dispersion of air pollutants, noise radiation, risk etc)
  • Data hub systems that collect earth observation data offering them to other applications or the web via secure data bridges
  • Mobile applications that push the appropriate information
  • Crowdsourcing platforms that exploit the power of the crowd and combine the crowdsourced data with additional datasets to accomplish unique goals and provide personalized alerts

These tools can be expanded and applied to different fields of the environmental sector and create a whole new universe of opportunities for technological applications.

Main areas we work on:

Digital government

Imagining our world and environment in a digital fabric, we have implemented a number of relevant projects aiming in incorporating environmental ICT in public services. Throughout these years we have designed, developed and pilot tested a number of tools, such as:

  • Information systems enabling online procedures for registering, monitoring and reporting and improving public services to be more confident, capable, and connected.
  • E-participation platforms that permit citizens to interact and get involved decision making procedures at local, regional and EU level.
  • Operational permitting tools that make the environmental permitting process more transparent, accessible and efficient.
  • Workflow and information systems that offer dynamic spaces with exceptional potential to categorize and monitor content in new and easy-to-use ways

Our basic principle is the provision of high quality user-friendly solutions that accommodate users’ real life needs.

Air quality

Air pollution is one of the major environmental challenges of the present age that poses threat to human health. Having years of expertise in this field we develop ICT solutions that help citizens, industries and governments to monitor and tackle the negative impacts of air pollution.

Our solutions focus on the provision of air quality monitoring, forecasting and data management.

To understand air pollution’s nature and behaviour, we perform:

  • Advanced air quality modeling and semi-empirical forecasting algorithms,
  • Impact assessment of air pollution on human health and the environment,
  • Operational plans.

Using innovative methods and combining information from different sources we have developed a number of solutions, while we are able to provide SaaS solutions to support the development of commercial applications. With our experience we make it possible for anyone to take advantage of the available air quality data, including data derived from satellites and IoT, and be ready to meet environmental challenges efficiently and cost-effectively.


DRAXIS provides technical and professional services to the energy sector and works with organisations helping them to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impacts. In the frame of ongoing climate change we provide innovative solutions and build competitive advantage for our clients, as we assist them to identify their key business risks (Life Cycle Analysis, Feasibility Studies) and opportunities associated with carbon and energy use and develop ICT solutions to manage these. Our services include consultation for adaptation to Climate Change, RES planning and licensing as well as safety studies for industrial installations and industrial accidents.

Weather forecasting

Weather is the main driver of key environmental processes and agricultural activities. From air pollution to energy consumption and water resources management, and from planting to harvesting, all the environmental and farming decisions are influenced by weather conditions and weather intelligence plays a key role to the decision-making process.

Laying on the availability of a huge amount of free and open observational data from both ground and satellite sensors and combining them with advanced high-resolution numerical weather prediction models and land-atmosphere data assimilation systems, we offer operational weather intelligence services of increased precision and accuracy, both in the spatial and temporal domain. Furthermore, our fully qualified atmospheric scientists provide consulting services to private and public organizations enabling them to adapt their operational processes in order to mitigate extreme weather events and to become climate-smart.

Sustainable agriculture

Crop management is a quite difficult and continuing challenge for small and large farm holdings and agri-food companies. Using our expertise both in the agricultural and the ICT sectors, we combine datasets from various sources (satellites, weather stations, farmer-generated data) with advanced crop growth simulation models and machine learning algorithms in order to develop software solutions and services that make farm management simpler and more efficient.

DRAXIS is offering a suite of operational farm advisory services for tillage, irrigation, crop monitoring, yield estimation and pest management through easy-to-use and fully customizable ICT web-applications and APIs.

Waste management

Our consulting department develops integrated plans for the management of municipal solid waste including biowaste and food waste, as well as of special waste streams such as recyclables, spent batteries, waste electrical and electronic equipment to national and European level. Moreover, we undertake the implementation of technical studies, environmental impact assessment studies and technical offers related to waste management. Performing Life Cycle Assessment of waste management systems including analysis of the technical system, its impact assessment and overall evaluation is also listed in the area of our expertise. We are also keen on policy analysis regarding waste management, planning of waste prevention strategies and campaigns and development of monitoring indicators and procedures.

Having an experienced IT department, we are able to deliver effective solutions to facilitate environmental monitoring, policy design, waste registration and submission of companies’ annual waste report. Our team emphasizes on the promotion of the concept of industrial symbiosis by bringing together waste producers, technology providers and waste users through the development of ICT solutions.

Circular economy

A transition to the circular economy contributes to the efforts to develop a sustainable, low carbon, resource efficient and competitive economy, and allows for products, materials and resources to be maintained for as long as possible reducing the generation of waste. At DRAXIS, we create a path to a sustainable future through research, development and piloting services in all areas where resources can be maintained, i.e. in the water and waste management sectors, and in urban, rural and industrial environments, promoting collaborative economy. We assess market opportunities in order to define new circular business models and design new value propositions, from product to service orientation. Using technology we identify and monetize wasted capacities, wasted lifecycles and wasted materials values and design new sustainable processes and products.

In this direction we focus on the application of new technologies to promote water efficiency, support industrial symbiosis, improve the management of municipal waste, and contribute to measurable and replicable resource-efficiency solutions that can be verified through indicators and appropriate data collection.