PEOPLE project aimed to speed up the uptake of smart cities through the rapid implementation, deployment and take-up of innovative internet-based services to allow developed cities to tackle their main current challenges and future ones concerning quality of life. This was enabled by designing and implementing user-driven open innovation methodologies and processes. During the project’s implementation four pilot Smart Open Innovation Urban Ecosystems were created to become seeds towards sustainable smart cities for better quality of life through the creation of internet-based services that will improve citizens’ daily life. The PEOPLE pilots and the pilot services were created in the four participating pilot cities: Bilbao (Spain), Thermi (Greece), Bremen Technology Park (Germany) and Vitry sur Seine (France).

Within the framework of the project, DRAXIS, as contractor of the Municipality of Thermi, was responsible for the creation of an original environmental monitoring point, as well as for the implementation of the pilot.

The project has been implemented for the Municipality of Thermi