Promoting the internAtional competitiveness of European Remote Sensing companies through Crosscluster collaboration

PARSEC aspires to build a cross-sectoral/cross-border ecosystem whereby SMEs and innovative start-ups will gain access to:

  • knowledge: PARSEC will provide of a holistic portfolio of support services, including market, technology and investment training/ information as well as tailored coaching support;
  • technology: three large scale demonstrators will be developed in the framework of PARSEC acting as enablers for the development of new EO-based products/services;
  • capital: PARSEC will apply an innovative selection and funding scheme to ensure that high-potential ideas will be brought out;
  • market: PARSEC will use a of innovative services and tools to promote and support cross-border and cross-sectoral matchmaking, investment readiness and more.

By providing access to these resources, PARSEC will concretely contribute to the establishment of new value chains bustling with innovative SMEs that can translate the large public investments in the Copernicus programme and numerous sector specific initiatives related to food, water, energy, climate change, biodiversity, etc. into applications and services meeting user needs and market demands, for the benefit of European economy and society.

PARSEC will run an innovative “Open Call” scheme, whereby excellent teams of SMEs and start-ups are selected and subsequently supported in delivering EO-based services with strong business potential.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824478.