Design and Development of a climate G.I.S. system for the climatic data in Greece

The project “Geoclimate” aims at developing an integrated Geographic Information System which will have the potential for management, analysis, modelling and visualization of the information that is related directly or indirectly with the climate of Greece, the factors that determine its time evolution from the past to present as well as the projections in the near future. The final goal “Geoclimate” is the establishment of an innovative and modern information technology which will constitute a useful tool for the study of climate change in Greece providing in a direct and an interactive way combined information related with the regional climate change in space and time for each sub-region of the Greek area. This technology will constitute reference background knowledge on issues related to climate and climate change.

The general objective of “Geoclimate” will be accomplished through the following actions:

  1. the assembly, processing and analysis of climatic, environmental and socioeconomic data on the region of Greece,
  2. the projections of climate change in near future with regional climate models of high resolution for Greece,
  3. the construction of an integrated and unified geographic database which will assemble and organise the information related to the climate of Greece in the past, the present and the future,
  4. cartographic representation of climatic data in the present and the past as well as the corresponding estimates for the future and the creation of the corresponding digital thematic charts, and
  5. development of the proposed integrated Geographic Information System that will be a networking application with interactive communication with the end-user.

The “Geoclimate” will produce occasions for new technological products which can be commercially exploited by the participating enterprises. At the same moment, the know-how that will be developed will be incorporated in new ideas and innovations relative with the prevention of the environment. Thus the results will improve the competitiveness of participating enterprises through the exploitation of products in new and existing markets, with improved products.

The project has received funding from the General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GSRT)