Integrated platform for the more efficient monitoring of air pollution with the use of IoT network

The aim of EMISSION is the development of an integrated platform for the better monitoring and display of air pollution levels in Athens. For the purposes of the project, low- and mid- costs sensors will be designed and placed in the city. The  EMISSION platform will enable public authorities in their compliance with the European Directives on the air pollution monitoring and reduction.

The aggregated information will be provided to citizens also through a mobile application, that will enable them to receive personalized information and report possible air pollution sources to the public authorities.

DRAXIS is responsible for the development of the mobile application that will be built upon the existing Envi4All system, for the development of air quality indices for the better understanding of the information from the general public, and for the identification of appropriate personalized health recommendations according to the needs of each user.

Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation (EPAnEK) Special Management and Implementation Authority for Research, Technological Development and Innovation Actions T1EDK-00242