Former Problems - Innovative Solutions

DRAXIS has a long experience in using innovative technology to develop a number of solutions for public authorities and various industries addressing a number of problems and needs. DRAXIS has deployed a full suite of services and technologies to meet the evolving needs of the agri-environmental sector.


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ENVI4ALL is a mobile application that offers information on current, forecast and historical air pollution levels, making use of open data on air quality and user-generated information.

It uses air pollution measurements for the calculation of the Air Quality Index (AQI): an index for reporting daily air quality based on the associated health effects people may experience from breathing polluted air. The forecasts provided by the app are produced by DRAXIS’ advanced forecasting algorithms and models Furthermore, users are able to state their feeling (perception) on air quality and see other people’s feelings. This information is used for estimating air pollution in areas where no open data are available, or for improving the accuracy of the information provided by open data. ENVI4ALL combines all this information to provide users with personalized alerts for poor air quality and practical advice in organizing their activities.

Digital Environmental Registry is an operational permitting tool developed for the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change. DER optimizes the environmental permitting processes by transforming the current licensing status in a fully digital process and workflow-based platform. DER enables the electronic submission of environmental impact assessments via web interface, as well as the monitoring of the process in order to issue, amend or renew the decisions on environmental conditions in implementation of Greece’s Law 4014/2011.

The Digital Waste Registry enables online procedures for registration and verification in a database for companies (waste producers, transporters and waste recipients). DWR facilitates the users to fulfill their obligation of submitting an annual waste report about waste use, management and disposal so as to both hamper the uncontrolled waste distribution and help the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change to apply the waste management policy according to the Greece’s Law 4042 requirements.