Update of air quality mapping through the use of emmission inventories & mathematical models

The purpose of the project is to create a cartographic mapping of atmospheric pollution in accordance with the requirements of Directives 96/62/EU on “Ambient air quality assessment and management” and other directives on limit values of individual pollutants. The technical description of the project includes the following tasks:

  1. Country division into zones and agglomerations.
  2. Specification of the zones and agglomerations.
  3. Design and conduct measurement campaigns in accordance with the requirements of the European legislation.
  4. Estimation of the pollutants concentration in the entire territory of the country, using appropriate software tools (meteorological model and photochemical dispersion model).
  5. Data base development.
  6. Development of a Geographic Information System for mapping pollution levels. The application will include the necessary geographic backgrounds.
  7. Support administration office to complete the questionnaire on the implementation of Directives 96/62/EC and 99/30/EU, according to Commission Decision 01/839/EU.
  8. Office staff (Department of Atmospheric Quality Division) training sessions on the use and operation of cartographic mapping system.

In the framework of the project DRAXIS conducts the following activities:

  • Data base development
  • GIS applications
  • Measurement, sampling and analysis
  • Application of computational tools (models operation)
  • Supply of equipment
  • Training

This project has been implemented for the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change