Sustainable management of water resources to safeguarding drinking water

The project aims to highlight the rich aquifer systems in the cross border area of Greece-Italy and to seek state-of-the-art methods for their protection. The main benefit of the implementation of the programme is the rehabilitation of contaminated groundwater and of the natural environment, optimizing the monitoring network of water basin and the optimal management of water resources. The simulation of the transposition and final destination of pollutants or disease-causing micro-organisms in groundwater will be applied in order to determine safe methods of management and release water from the existing drilling.

In the framework of the project DRAXIS provided SYDLI with supporting services for a number of activities. More specific,DRAXIS implemented the:

  • Descriptive report on water management in Greek Project site
  • Reports on additional experimental studies
  • Report on the pollution sources in project sites in Greece
  • Development of a GIS application with collection of data in Greek area
  • Development and application of DSS platform
  • Mapping on GIS environment selected water reservoir

This project has been implemented for the Water Association of Ioannina Basin (SYDLI)