Pilot Operation of the Municipal Integrated Solid waste management system

The Waste Management Authority of Eastern Macedonia–Thrace took the initiative to investigate the problem of waste management in the cross border area of Greece-Bulgaria in cooperation with regional public authorities. The main objective of the project was to accelerate the operation of the existing and under completion infrastructure for the Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Systems and their optimization (the two systems cover a Greek Region and an area larger than one Bulgarian Prefecture). A significant objective is also the public awareness for reducing and recycling of the waste and the exchange of experience between the two systems.

The Project’s actions included:

  • Pilot implementation of composting system in all municipalities
  • Pilot implementation of recycling edible oils in the Municipalities of Drama and Kardzhali
  • Feasibility studies of the pilot actions
  • Evaluation and optimisation studies of the integrated solid waste management systems in the Municipalities of Drama, Kavala, Xanthi, Komotini, Alexandroupolis and Kardzhali.

DRAXIS was responsible for the Evaluation & Optimization of the integrated solid waste management system of all the municipalities involved in the project

The project has been implemented within the framework of Interred Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013