Monitoring environmental conditions in industrial operations with IoT, Digital Twin and Augmented Reality techniques

MENIoR aims to enable better environmental monitoring (indoor air quality and thermal comfort conditions) in industrial operations by leveraging the potential of Internet of Things (IoT) with the application of Augmented Reality techniques and Digital Twins. The solution is pilot-tested by two industries in Spain: an industry in manufacturing and repairment of industrial machinery (Fagesta S.L.), and an industry in extrusion of plastic profiles (Lisanplast S.L.). Indoor environmental data of the industries are being collected via a low-cost environmental monitoring network setup in the industrial operations. A web Digital Twin of the industry is provided to the industry admins to enable them visualize the collected data and assess scenarios for improvement of the indoor environmental conditions of the industries. The employees of the industries are provided with environmental data visualizations through a mobile application in an Augmented Reality interface so that they better protect their health from poor indoor conditions.

DRAXIS is responsible for:

  1. The development of the MENIoR Digital Twin platform to enable indoor environmental monitoring in industrial operations
  2. The development of the MENIoR Augmented Reality mobile app that offers meaningful environmental information and alerts to industrial workers
  3. The overall project coordination

This project is funded by the European Union within the framework of the HUBCAP project. The HUBCAP project is jointly funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (contract No 872698) and by the Commissioned Research of National Institute of Information.