Integrated Coastal Monitoring of Environmental Problems in Sea Region and the Ways of their Solution

The project ICME (Integrated Coastal Monitoring of Environmental Problems in Sea Region and the Ways of Their Solution) aims at developing innovative tools for the monitoring and management of sea regions with pilot implementation in four countries (Greece, Georgia, Armenia and Turkey). In Greece, the study is focused in Thermaikos Gulf area with a twofold target: the design and implementation of an environmental monitoring program in the coastal and sea area of the Gulf on one hand and the development of an operational modeling and management platform of the area, in the other hand. The monitoring phase includes monthly and bi-monthly campaigns in 15 sampling stations located in the coastal and sea area of Thermaikos Gulf for the determination and monitoring of the environmental status of the study area. The modeling phase includes the development and coupling of the WRF meteorological model with ELCOM model through a web-GIS Platform for the creation of an operational tool capable of forecasting the conditions in the Gulf and the results and impacts of various scenarios in real time.
In the framework of the project DRAXIS was responsible for the activities below:

  • Environmental monitoring campaigns for the determination of the status of the Thermaikos Gulf area.
  • Development and application of environmental models for the simulation of the Gulf and evaluation of alternative management scenarios.
  • Development of the operational system of models through a web-GIS portal

The project has been implemented within the framework of the Programme “BLACK SEA BASIN 2007-2013"