Transnational Integrated Management of Water Resources in Agriculture for the European Water Energy Control

The general objective of the project was the development of shared methodologies and the application of demonstrative and innovative interventions towards the integrated management of water resources in rural areas, to move toward sustainable development models framed by EU legislation. The main goals were to give concrete answers to the problem of water consumption and water contamination caused by intensive agriculture in selected rural communities across SEE space, where agriculture represents the major user of natural resources and supplier of environmental services.

Draxis was responsible for the following:

• Design of a questionnaire regarding the implementation of good agricultural practices in EU WATER countries, technical assistance to partners for completing the questionnaire, data collection and process, drafting of the final report).
• Field research for the imprint of 200 points of interest (springs, wells, drillings) with the use of GPS in the Sarigiol basin.
• Provision of hydrostatic level data via the installation of water level meters.
• Field work Services and installation of monitoring infrastructure.
• Feasibility study for the development of an environmentally optimised irrigation system with combined use of satellite data, advanced prediction models and innovative business practices.

This project has been implemented within the framework of INTERREG IV B - SOUTH EAST, Western Macedonia Regional Development Fund