Monitoring of Environmental Practices for Sustainable Agriculture Supported by Earth Observation

ENVISION aims to develop a ready-to-market commercial platform of services that couples cutting edge Earth Observation (EO) technology with state-of-the-art methodologies along with heterogeneous types of open data, providing Paying Agencies (PAs) and Certification Bodies (CBs) with timely cost-efficient and actionable insights for the compliance monitoring procedure of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) agri-environmental standards. In particular, ENVISION provides PAs and CBs with a robust and cost-efficient set of services allowing them to monitor continuously and systematically the agricultural land, shifting the focus from fragmented monitoring limited to specific fields and dates (or time window) to territory-wide and all-year-round monitoring. Acting as a trailblazer for organisations that monitor environmental- and climate- friendly agricultural practices stemming from CAP, ENVISION increases the effectiveness of risk-based analysis for the selection of farms for inspection; increases the efficiency and transparency of PAs and CBs’ procedures when implementing the CAP; reduces the number of on-site visits by performing more targeted controls and reduces operational and administrative costs.

DRAXIS is responsible for:

  • Τhe overall coordination of the project
  • Τhe auxiliary data collection that assists the service providers to calibrate, validate and feed ENVISION’s processing algorithms
  • Τhe development of the business model validation
  • Τhe development and customization of the ENVISION solution, which consists of three components:
    • a web-based interface for the Paying Agencies and the Certification Bodies
    • an application (mobile) for farmers
    • an Add-on Development Tool for developers

This project is funded by the H2020 Framework Programme of the European Union