Environmental Impact Assessment Studies Computer System, ENIASS

The project ENIASS aimed to the design and development of an Environmental Information System that would manage data, documents and information used for the Environmental Impact Assessments. The system was accompanied by a WEB GIS platform for the management and dynamic presentation of geographic data. The main objective of the specific project was to create a software (ENIASS System) available through a site, that would provide an auxiliary tool in elaborating environmental impact assessments.

The application would consist of environmental data, such as information about the existing legislation or information about the necessary data for elaborating the environmental impact assessment. All the information would be provided through a customized information system, which would be represented in a common, homogenous platform for managing the information, so as to easily certify, find, retrieve, process and set up the data by reducing the wasted time period and furthermore the cost for the environmental impact assessment elaboration.

The project has received funding from the General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GSRT)