Local Communities in Environmental Action

The aim of the project is the protection of environmental resources and the encouragement of local communities to participate actively in this process. Municipality of Delta and Municipality of Kavadarci have the common need for the protection of the rivers that run through their geographical area: the river of Axios and the river of Luda Mara. UNESCO Youth Club of Thessaloniki and YMCA – Skopje are two active youth NGOs with a great interest in environmental issues. The overall objective of the proposed project is the realization of common actions and specific interventions for the protection of the natural environment.

Major outputs of the project include an IT platform and equipment for the control of water pollution as well as a special infrastructure project in the river of Luda Mara.

DRAXIS supported the Contracting Authority (NOISIS CONSULTANTS BUSINESS STRATEGY AND DEVELOPMENT SA) in the implementation of Work packages WP1 “Management and Coordination” WP2 “Information and publicity” and WP3 “Development platform to manage environmental resources”.

This project has been implemented within the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Greece - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2007-2013