Development of digital backgrounds for the Management Centre of Traffic Control

Thessaloniki’s Intelligent Urban Mobility Management System is a unified effort of the key players of the city dealing with urban mobility, transport and environment. The system aims, through the services provided, to help citizens move around the city easily avoiding the traffic congested areas and also to raise the environmental public consciousness and to promote public transportation and alternative ways of transport (walking, cycling). At the same time, through intelligent traffic management and control in the central area of Thessaloniki, the system aims to reduce the negative influence of the gaseous pollutants. The direct involvement of citizens in planning their trips will give them the right and the opportunity to actively contribute to the improvement of the environmental quality of the city. Finally, through special urban mobility training programs that the system provides, a new culture for urban mobility is formed in the city.

The project has been implemented for the Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH) - Hellenic Institute of Transport - HIT