Development & implementation tools for the integrated coastal zone management of Thermaikos Gulf

The aim of the project was the development and implementation of IT tools for the integrated coastal zone management of Thermaikos Gulf, as well as the pilot application in the western coastal zone.

A study for the installation of telemetric stations, for monitoring the physico-chemical parameters of the marine environment of the Thermaikos Gulf, was undertaken. The study included the following:

i) A feasibility study and action targeting for the procurement and installation of telemetric stations;

ii) Selection of the installation places for the telemetric stations and alternatives;

iii) Study for the installation;

iv) Specifications for the multi-criterion tool for the selection of the installation places.

At a subsequent stage management and analysis of the data that were selected from the telemetry stations was realized, with the implementation of suitable statistical methods and the use of software for the analysis of the time series and statistical processing.

DRAXIS provided the following services:

a) Database and Geographical Database Construction, including the development of an application for organizing and spatial representation of information with research opportunities and export mapping and descriptive data;

b) Registration of the evaluated information, including the registration of the existing information and data from the recording process and the evaluation of completed projects, programs and interventions relating to the study area.

The project has been implemented for the Municipality of Delta