Consolidation of Romanian Statistical System

The overall objective of this project was to strengthen the institutional capacity of the INS and of the statistical infrastructure, as well as to provde of a stock of reliable and comprehensive data in the statistical fields that were little approached so far, through the activities below:
– Harmonising and improving the statistics on information society and the new economy;
– Developing new modules in the field of social statistics, so as to enrich the investigation of new aspects of social life;
– Developing service statistics and more specific the passenger transports by road statistics;
– Further developing national accounts, especially for the segment of satellite accounts (environment protection expenditure) by implementing flexible structures, such as the social accounting matrix;
– Strengthening of the statistical infrastructure (redesigning the Internet web-site) with a view to continuously improving the data quality;
– Strengthening of the institutional capacity of the INS (relationship with media and with public at large).

DRAXIS was responsible for the implementation of the tasks below:
i) Design and development of a database;
ii) Development of the data management application;
iii) Development of the user’s application;
iv) Development of the web-based questionnaires application;
v) Development of the statistical analysis application.pment of the statistical analysis application.”

The project has been implemented for LDK S.A