Compliance of Romanian statistics with European statistical system – Environment statistic surveys, Romania – EuropeAid/114921/D/SV/RO

The aim of this project was the compliance of the Romanian Environmental statistics of the National Institute of Statistics (NIS) with EU, Eurostat requirements. For this purpose detailed surveys were designed for waste, water and air pollutants. An information system was also developed to perform data storage and analysis. The results of the surveys were used to create the official National reports on waste, water and air pollutants for Romania for the year 2004.

DRAXIS was responsible for: i) Designing the survey Questionnaires; ii) Analysing the data and reporting; iii) Developing the database (Oracle 9.01); iv) Developing a custom multi-user IT application (.NET)

The project was implemented for LDK–ECO S.A. within the framework of EuropeAid/114921/D/SV/RO