Clean Energy Cluster

CHORUS is a technological Cluster operating in the fields of Clean Energy, Clean Tech and Circular Economy. The CHORUS Clean Energy Cluster brings together companies and research entities in order to establish an arsenal of renewable and zero / low carbon footprint technologies, transformable into innovative, integrated products and solutions for the global Clean Energy and Green Mobility markets.

CHORUS application uses modeling and simulation methods of human presence to improve energy efficiency analysis in buildings for commercial uses and services. This application receives information and features for the architecture, the equipment and human presence in order to compare through a specialized tool different energy scenarios for more than one architectural configurations. CHORUS application assesses the energy efficiency not only through static building information but also by analyzing the dynamic behavior from human presence. CHORUS application consist a commercial tool that will be provided to the stakeholders such as architects, designers and engineers as a stand-alone desktop application for windows.

In the framework of the project DRAXIS implemented:

  • The scientific verification and market research studies
  • The customization of process flow
  • The pilot

This project has been funded by the General Secretariat of Research and Development