Agrometeorologcal Web Reporting and Prognostic System for Ministry of Agriculture of Republic of Srpska

Carpo is an Agrometeorological Web Reporting and Prognostic System developed by DRAXIS for the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is funded by UNDP. The system is utilizing observations from a local network of agrometeorological stations to produce pest and disease forecasts for different crop types, that are cultivated in the country. Based on these forecasts the system is producing alerts and notifications for the users, either farmers or agronomists, in order to take all the necessary actions to protect their crops. Also, through the system users have the ability to upload photos or just to report a disease occurrence and to use custom pest and disease models by adapting model parameters based on their experience.

This project has received funded from the United Nations Development Programme.