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Vagelis Kosmidis
A Physicist, specialized in the Natural Environment; an expert in environmental ICT & consultation, and green policy issues. In charge of DRAXIS strategic decision making.
Stavros Tekes
Chief Technology Officer
An Electrical and Computer Engineer with a wealth of experience in researching, designing and developing large scale ICT systems, specialized in multi-tier applications
Machi Symeonidou
General Manager
An Agroeconomist, responsible for company's day-to-day running. She has wide experience in business strategy & operational improvement under her belt.
Ioanna Pavlou
Chief Financial Officer
An Economist, specialized in Accounting & Finance; long experience in financial project management, tax & business accounting, financial reporting & internal auditing.
Christodoulos Keratidis
Business Development Manager
A Chemical Engineer and Business Development Manager. R&D & Innovation are his strong points reflected in the high number of EU & National Projects he has implemented
Konstantina Vatzianidou
Administrative Officer
The most suitable person to ensure that all administrative office procedures run smoothly on a daily & long-term basis. The point of contact for all DRAXIS team.
Panagiota Syropoulou
Project Manager
Expert in Environmental Physics, specialized in air pollution & its impact on human health. Team coordinator for the ENVI4ALL application development & management.
Pantelis Pekakis
Environmental Consultant
An Environmental Engineer specialized in Energy Management; an expert in environmental informatics, environmental impact assessment studies & risk assessment studies.
Maria Vogiatzi
Marketing Consultant
A communications professional responsible for managing external communications within the company & able to implement company's marketing strategy.
Stelios Kotsopoulos
Project Manager
Fully qualified in Agricultural Engineering, specialized in Water Resources Management; develops computational models for hydrological & meteorological applications.
Grigoris Mygdakos
Project Manager
A highly efficient and persistent to his goals Manager. He has lot of experience as a Marketing Consultant, as well as Dissemination and Communication Officer in EU projects.
Maria Akritidou
Lead Software Engineer
A senior Web Developer; her excellent analytical skills is one of her assets that has led her to successfully completing numerous web projects and products.
Apostolos Agrafiotis
Tech Lead
Apostolos oversees the development team. He delivers innovative GIS platforms & combines coding technologies, databases & Cloud Infrastructures to build complicated systems.
Ifigenia-Maria Tsioutsia
Technical Project Manager
Specialized in Informatics & Management and experienced in EU projects. Coordinating with partners & ensuring projects’ successful implementation are some of her strong points
Argyris Margaritis
SSenior Web Developer
Significantly experienced in software development, can use his knowledge to perform various tasks. A proficient coder who can effectively use different coding languages.
Konstantina Lakafossi
Public Projects Manager
Highly experienced Manager with background in Business Development, Bid & Project Management, Market Analysis, International Sales & know-how in drafting EU proposals.
Pelagia Monou
Business Development Manager
Agricultural Economist specialized in integrated rural development & management of rural space. Highly accomplished in implementing & monitoring projects on rural development.
Katerina Valta
Project Manager
A Chemical Εngineer specialized in Environmental Management. Her main point of interest focuses on solid waste & wastewater management.
Yiannis Koritsidis
Graphic Designer
A graphic designer at heart! Imaginative with an excellent overview of recent developments! Inspiration, fantasy and passion are his basic ingredients when designing.
Stelios Kitziris
Web Developer
Irini Pantopoulou
Web Developer