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Vagelis Kosmidis
A Physicist, specialized in the Natural Environment; an expert in environmental ICT & consultation, and green policy issues. In charge of DRAXIS strategic decision making
Stavros Tekes
Chief Technology Officer
Fully-qualified Electrical & Computer Engineer with wealth of experience in researching, designing & developing large scale ICT systems, specialized in multi-tier applications
Ioanna Pavlou
Chief Financial Officer
An Economist, specialized in Accounting & Finance; long experience in financial project management, tax & business accounting, financial reporting & internal auditing
Christodoulos Keratidis
Business Development Manager
With a degree in chemical engineering, R&D & Innovation are his strong points. This is reflected in the high number of EU & National Projects he has implemented
Konstantina Vatzianidou
Administrative Officer
The most suitable person to ensure that all administrative office procedures run smoothly on a daily & long-term basis. The point of contact for all DRAXIS team
Panagiota Syropoulou
Project Manager
Expert in Environmental Physics, specialized in air pollution & its impact on human health. Team coordinator for the ENVI4ALL application development & management
Pantelis Pekakis
Environmental Consultant
An Environmental Engineer specialized in Energy Management; an expert in environmental informatics, environmental impact assessment studies & risk assessment studies
Konstantina Lakafossi
Public Projects Manager
Highly experienced Manager with background in Business Development, Bid & Project Management, Market Analysis, International Sales & know-how in drafting EU proposals
Katerina Valta
Project Manager
A Chemical Εngineer specialized in Environmental Management. Her main point of interest focuses on solid waste & wastewater management
Maria Sitzoglou
Urban Planning Consultant
Architect–Urban Designer, specialized in public spaces and participatory planning. Expert in stakeholder engagement with a wide experience in Urban Resilience projects.
Petros Gasteratos
Senior Web Developer
A fully qualified Developer, comfortable with the whole web stack. He has worked on various computer projects for a living and for fun
Archontoula Kadiana
Assistant CFO
An Economist with a wealth of experience in accounting issues, banking & invoicing. She has all the necessary organizational skills to cope with any issue
Irini Pantopoulou
Web Developer
A Geoinformatics Engineer experienced in GIS who is not afraid to learn state-of-the-art technologies & undertake challenging tasks in order to design & develop Web Apps.
Ksenofon Ougrinis
System Administrator
Responsible for the smoothly running of DRAXIS IT operations.He prevents any technical problem, improves our systems’ performance & provides with technical support to the team
Yiannis Koritsidis
Graphic Designer
A graphic designer at heart! Imaginative with an excellent overview of recent developments! Inspiration, fantasy and passion are his basic ingredients when designing