We are hiring! Assistant Scientific Project Manager

A new position for Assistant Scientific Project Manager is available at DRAXIS!


Assistant Scientific Project Manager, specialized in agricultural engineering, will join the Agronomy Research and Development team of DRAXIS Environmental S.A. The core focus of this role is to provide assistance to the scientific coordination and management of National and International Agricultural ICT projects. The individual is expected to have a good understanding on the application of remote sensing technologies for crop monitoring, of agro-meteorology, of vadose zone hydrology and of biomass-harvest index models for major agronomic crops.

  • Collaborate with other team members to identify best approaches and practices, prioritize needs, resolve conflicts and provide status updates.
  • Communicate effectively with colleagues, managers and software developers.
  • Contribute in technical proposals for European and national programs in the field of new technologies for the agricultural sector.
  • Contribute to deliverables in English and Greek in the framework of projects implemented by the company.
  • Consistently seek to improve knowledge and skills.

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