This is the most exciting time to work with Space Data, EO Services, Space Technologies

Whether you have a great idea and feel ready to build a prototype using Space Data and Earth Observation (EO) Services, or if you just want to further develop your skills,  interact with amazing people and have fun while working on an actual business challenge, join the Copernicus Thessaloniki Hackathon!

For the first time the Copernicus Hackathon is coming to Northern Greece!
Are you ready to live the experience and unleash your potential?

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Thessaloniki Hackathon

This is the most exciting time to work with Space Data and EO Services!
The ever-growing data we take from satellites make technologies like Earth Observation and Geospatial Intelligence possible and support the development of a broad spectrum of applications that help the society to better understand, manage and address current and future impacts of global environmental change.
Using the motto “Sustainable solutions for a sustainable way of living” the Copernicus Thessaloniki Hackathon invites participants to think of any innovative solution that supports a sustainable way of living and use the Copernicus EO data and services to build a prototype! Our mentors and experts will be there to support you!

Are you up for a challenge?


pre-event Meetup

Join us on our pre-event Meetup on Wednesday November 13th, 7:00 pm, at OK!Thess, to start together the Copernicus Hackathon journey!

Whether you have already been registered to the Copernicus Thessaloniki Hackathon, or you are still thinking about it, we want you to get the best possible preparation for the competition and answer to all your questions!

We invite you to our pre-event Meetup, where our experts will introduce you to the Hackathon, the Copernicus Data and Services and will help you get all the information you need to be up-to-the-minute until the Copernicus Thessaloniki Hackathon.

Register now here!

During the event...

The Copernicus Thessaloniki Hackathon will give you the chance to meet other technology enthusiasts and work collaboratively in a team in order to transform your idea into a prototype. Our mentors will be there to listen to your ideas and concerns, inspire you, challenge you and guide the business, or technical aspects of your idea. All teams will get access to Copernicus data and tools, the EU funded DIAS cloud service platforms and the backbone of our EO infrastructure which is the “DRAXIS data platform” (serving EO data and services).

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UNESCO Chair on Futures Research, PRAXI Network, Foundation for Research and
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Voxxed Days Thessaloniki

Aristotle Space & Aeronautics Team


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Department of Physics, University of Patras
CITY College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield
GEO University
Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade
University of Macedonia

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